Terminal Especializado de Contenedores.
Terminal Especializado de Contenedores.
Puerto de La Guaira, Estado Vargas, Venezuela.




The Special Container Terminal of the Port of La Guaira is located in the center-north region of Venezuela, only 30 km from the capital of the nation Caracas. Its specialized equipment, advanced technology and trained personnel position it as one of the most modern ports in the Caribbean and South America.

TEC-La Guaira has a capacity to mobilize approximately 1,200,000 TEUs per year, with an area of 220,000 m2 and -15.2m draft allows berthing of post-panamax vessels. Its strategic location has direct access to the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean, making it an opportunity for world trade, a port for international transshipment connections.

Bolivariana de Puertos

The Bolivarian Association of Ports (BOLIPUERTOS), SA, will have as main object “the conditioning, administration, development, maintenance, conservation and use of the goods and services that comprise the port infrastructure, understood as the set of works that make up the operational scope of the Ports of Public Use owned by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
The purpose is guaranteeing transit with safety, fluidity, efficiency, economy, quality of service and for the benefit of the community, all within the framework of the socialist policy dictated by the National Executive, being able to associate, cooperate and execute related related activities, necessary for the development, development and fulfillment of its corporate purpose.
“Decree No. 6,645 dated March 24, 2009, published in the Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela No. 39.146, dated March 25, 2009.
On January 4, 2017, Bolivariana de Puertos (BOLIPUERTOS), SA, is attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Transportation, Decree No. 2,650, published in the Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela No. 41,067, of the same date.


To optimize the operability of the Ports for the maritime-port trade at a national and international level, with qualified personnel and sustained development that contributes to the economic strengthening of the Venezuelan people.


Projecting Venezuela nationally and internationally in the port trade, for its quality, efficiency and technological progress, strengthening the sovereignty and economic development of the country.


(Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Art. 141 and Organic Law of the Public Administration) Honesty Behavior and expression under parameters of coherence and sincerity in accordance with the values of ethics and justice.

Participation, creation of sufficient and necessary institutional structures, mechanisms and procedures to promote social participation in public management from planning to the evaluation of its results.

Celerity, attention, timely response and compliance with administrative lapses established in the law. Optimization of the response times of the institution before social and citizen demands.

Efficiency, effective fulfillment of the objectives, goals, activities and tasks set in the rules, plans and management commitments, under the guidance of the established policies and strategies.

Transparency, provision, receipt and management of timely, accurate and accessible information equal to all social sectors, on management, administrative actions and management of resources allocated through communication, computer, print, physical, etc. of wide coverage.

Efficiency, rational use of available resources according to quantitative and qualitative indicators designed and proposed for such purpose, measured in terms of effectiveness, which includes not only the quantity of resources but also their quality and savings.

Accountability, obligation to formally and materially prove correctness of the administration, management and custody of the resources.

Responsibility in the exercise of the public function, timely presentation of the results of management and the fulfillment of its functions, before the powers and public bodies competent in the matter and the social collective.


Teamwork: Collaborate and cooperate with others in an interdependent manner becoming part of the group, applying with complementary skills and committed to a common purpose in an integrated manner in the achievement of institutional objectives.

Organizational Commitment: Know and understand the organizational and functional structure of Bolivariana de Puertos (BOLIPUERTOS), SA, guiding its behavior in a responsible and effective manner to achieve the attributions of the Company, in accordance with the values, principles, priorities and institutional objectives.
Productivity: Ability to set performance objectives above normal, achieving them successfully. A person does not expect supervisors to set goals, when time comes, he has it established.
Orientation to Results: Tendency to achieve results, setting challenging goals above the standards, improving and maintaining high levels of performance within the framework of the Company’s strategies.
Client Orientation: Ability to know and understand the needs of the client, acting in accordance with the interests of the Company and customer satisfaction, to achieve their objectives and strengthening efficiency in institutional management.

Continuous Improvement: Ability to predispose to act proactively specifying decisions for the design and use of new opportunities for the optimization of the administrative and core processes of the Company that contribute to achieving high quality standards of port services.



“Achieve customer satisfaction, through teamwork, meeting international quality standards in port services, to manage, conserve and develop port infrastructure, guaranteeing safe operations, safeguarding the health and physical integrity of all workers, the protection of the environment, ships and facilities”.

Teixeira Duarte

Teixeira Duarte, who started his activity in 1921, is currently the leader of one of the largest Portuguese Economic Groups.

Based on its structural values: Ingenuity, Truth and Commitment; Teixeira Duarte has fulfilled its mission: To contribute to the construction of a better world.

Faithful to these ideas, Teixeira Duarte has achieved steady and sustainable growth, especially in recent decades, which has given it a great entrepreneurial capacity, with resources especially human, thanks to which it has achieved numerous internationalization processes and the diversification of its activity in other sectors.

The Teixeira Duarte Group currently has about 10.500 workers in 19 countries and four continents and develops its activity in six different sectors: Construction, Concessions and Services, Real Estate, Hospitality, Distribution and the Automobile Industry.

Currently, Teixeira Duarte assumes responsibility for the image it created as a high-value company, a pioneer in construction, where its equipment and structures are interconnected to achieve a final result of recognized capacity in the concession, innovation, construction and management of big projects and ventures.

The construction of large infrastructures such as bridges, dykes, hospitals, roads and other public works, even large buildings mark our history. Currently, talking about Teixeira Duarte is talking about an excellent know-how and a constant presence in our day to day.

Teixeira Duarte has been listed on the stock exchange since 1998 and is managed by the Teixeira Duarte family, which has guaranteed great stability, both in terms of strategy and business structures.

The provision of the company will surely be optimized thanks to the synergies of the various sectors and countries where Teixeira Duarte has positioned itself, in an increasingly consolidated way, giving it the confidence and responsibility to continue with its mission:

Contribute to the construction of a better world.


Our objective is based on providing Venezuelan with a modern port capable of meeting the current demands of international trade. Developing our activities under the principles of ingenuity, enhancing our capabilities and making the most of the tools. The constancy, to preserve the objectives set against challenging scenarios. Teamwork, promoting the development of our workers as our most valuable capital.


1.Position the Specialized Container Terminal as the great center of management of Venezuelan exports.

2. Consolidate the Specialized Container Terminal as a major intra-Caribbean trade center. With advantageous services in front of its competitors.

3. Establish the Specialized Container Terminal as a School Port to modernize all the Ports of the country.




First security, based on the execution of each operation with the highest level of rigor. Safeguarding the integrity of our people, clients and teams.



Know how to do, using our skills to consolidate the objectives in the best way possible in the shortest time, making the most of our resources.



Define our delivery in each of the objectives we set, valuing the acquired pacts and always fulfilling our word.